Sunday, February 1, 2015

Let's Go Lego!

Activity 1: 30 Piece Build
Prior to the program, 35 baggies all containing identical pieces were compiled.  At the program each participant was given one bag.  They had 15 minutes to use all the pieces and build something.  We then went around the room looking at each creation.  It was interesting to see how different the items were considering they all had the same pieces to work with.
These are the pieces each participant had with which to work.

Room Set Up




Activity 2: 1 Cup Build
Next we gave the kids 1 cup of pieces and had them build something with their pieces.  This time everyone had different amounts and kinds of pieces.

Activity 3: Theme Building Challenge--Outdoors
Here we had the kids build something (anything) that could be found outdoors.  This is where they had the most fun and the most creativity and play came.
Cherry Tree

Attendance: 23, 8
Evaluation: Lego programs are always super easy to pull together.  Having specific tasks gave some nice structure to the program but also allowed for creativity and free choice.  They loved every part.  For the second session we removed the one cup build as it was too similar to the first activity.  This allowed more time for them to work on their outdoor scenes.

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