Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mo Willems

While we figured most kids attending our program were familiar with Mo Willems and his work, we decided to start the program with a short interview to give the kids some background.  We then went on to show Knuffle Bunny as one of the projects the kids could work on was art similar to that found in that book and its subsequent sequels.

After, the kids had a chance to work on a few different projects (of which they could finish all as time allowed).  They could also use an iPad to play Don't Let the Pigeon Run this App.

I only wish there had been enough time to share the various stories the kids created!

We printed off Elephant and Piggie and Pigeon 3x5 images and the kids got the chance to create shrinky dinks.  This is always a huge hit, although time consuming for one staff member who needs to run the toaster oven to shrink all the images.

Waiting in line to shrink their images!
Shrinking in progress

The kids could also create their own Elephant and Piggie comics, found at:

They also tried drawing their own pigeons.

And the final activity was creating art similar to that found in Knuffle Bunny.  We located images on google for the kids to use and gave them lots of scrap paper so they could add their own details.

Attendance: 41, 9
Evaluation: We were pleasantly surprised by how popular this program was even with the older attendees.  I was a little concerned they would feel the topic was baby-ish.  Luckily the activities we chose were spot on for our wide age range and the kids loved it.  We had planned on doing a relay using an egg shaker and paper bag nest, but there was so much else to do we just didn't have time!  There are lots of great event kits online which helped as we also had some other fun activity sheets available for the kids to use.  I can see us doing this program again in a few years.

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