Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ancient Egypt

Video: Introduction to Ancient Egypt
This is a fun, brief introduction to Ancient Egypt and was the perfect way to set the tone of our program.


iPad App: Archie Potts Egyptian Adventure (Muddy Boots Media)
We locked our 5 iPads to this app.  The kids took turns playing around with it.  We had to limit them to 5-10 minutes each in order for everyone to have a turn.

Craft: Mummy and Sarcophagus

Completed product--image from above blog

Wrapped their mummy with white paper strips.
Decorating their sarcophagus lid.

Craft: Cartouche and Hieroglyphics
Kids tried writing their names in hieroglyphics on paper cartouches.

Craft: Egyptian Masks
We created Tutkanhamen-like masks on poster board, which the kids then decorated with oil pastels.

This program took a lot of prep time due to the two crafts.  However, the kids had a blast making their masks.  Each one turned out unique and allowed for lots of creativity.  This was the first program in which we allowed the kids to use the iPads.  It went surprisingly well.  Our first group was so large it was hard to keep track of who had the iPad for how long.  In the future, we'll write down the time each child took the iPad from us so they each got the same amount of time to play with the app.
Attendance: 36, 14

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