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For this program I put together a power point containing a brief overview of Picasso's life and work.  We used the SlideShark app to show this using our iPad.  The presentation ended with the image of Cadavre Exquis (Exquisite Corpse, 1938) by Andre Breton, Yves Tanguy and Jacqueline Lamba.

We used the image as a jumping off point for an expressionist/surrealist art game.  The kids formed groups of three and each one was given a pencil and a piece of paper folded in thirds.  Each person started with the top fold, drew something (head), then folded it over and passed it to the person on their left (who drew a torso without looking at what was drawn before).  This person folded their contribution over and passed it to the person on their left, who drew legs/feet.  When they were finished everyone opened the finish products to see their new creations.

 Afterwards the kids were able to go to three stations.

iPad app: MOMA Art Studio
This app is free and lots of fun for a wide range of ages.

Craft: Paper Bag Picasso Faces
 We gave the kids brown paper lunch bags, oil pastels and a worksheet detailing how to draw a Cubist portrait.
Our sample

Some of the kids were very talented!

Our set up
Craft: Cubism Still Life Collage
From the book Hands-On: Art Projects by Sue Lacey

We explained how Picasso created the concept of collage, but took the images, cut them apart in straight lines, and re-positioned them in a cubist way.
Our sample
Hard at work
Unfortunately the kids didn't quite get the concept and their creations weren't exactly cubist, although they definitely represented modern art.

Overall this program worked well, even though the collage project was better suited to older kids.  It was something completely different for us and our second group really got into the art depicted in the power point.  They especially liked the Equisite Corpse, discussing the various different objects they saw in the picture.  Originally we were going to use brown grocery bags for the Picasso portraits but didn't get enough in time for the program.  The lunch sacks worked better as the kids were able to complete it during the program.  If we had used the larger sacks, they might only have had a chance to do the one craft instead of also trying their hand at collage.

Attendance: 31, 16

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