Monday, July 27, 2015

How to Eat Fried Worms

We began this program by reading aloud the first chapter of How to Eat Fried Worms by Thomas Rockwell.

Next we showed the worm montage from the movie version, which can be found in the special feature section.  This is a hilarious montage of scenes of Billy eating worms in different ways.  The kids loved it and is has a wonderful gross-out factor.

Afterwards, the kids could choose from the following stations.

Craft: Beaded Worms

The kids folded their pipe cleaner in half, threaded beads onto the pipe cleaner, and ended with a larger wooden yellow bead.  They left enough of the pipe cleaner to make antennae.  With the sharpies, they added eyes and a mouth.

Science Activity/Craft: Worm Composting Bins
Composting station.  Rocks, sand, food and leaf scraps, soil, and worms

Dropping in her worm.

Adding soil
The kids began by adding a few rocks to the bottom of their prepared water bottle (lid cut off, duct tape around cut area to prevent cuts), a small layer of soil, a tablespoon of sand, some organic matter, a worm, more soil.  After their worm home was completed, they covered it with a piece of card stock, as worms prefer dark environments.  The card stock could be removed periodically to view the worm tunnels and see how the worm was doing.

This was super fun, although time consuming.  Many of them had fun choosing their worm and placing it inside its new home.  A few were a little squeamish, so we added the worm for them.

Craft: Worm Painting

The kids dipped yarn in paint and drizzled it on a piece of paper.  This turned out to be extremely messy, so we only had it available for the first session.

Attendance: 29, 12
Evaluation:  This was a lot of fun and the kids were fascinated by the worm houses.  While messy and time consuming, it was fun teaching them about the worms and how to care for them.  

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