Monday, August 3, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Craft: Rainbow Bracelets
Before the program, we created individual bags containing three beads of each color (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).   This made sure we had enough beads for each child.  At this station, each child chose the color of their base pipe cleaner and then threaded the beads onto it.  We then twisted the ends together and tucked them inside the beads.

Craft: Shamrock Resist Rainbow Art
We prepped the canvas boards by sticking a card stock shamrock die cut to the canvas using blue painters tape.  Then, the kids used acrylic paint in rainbow colors, covering the boards.  When the shamrock was removed, it left a clear image behind.

Craft: Shamrock Rainbow Art
We taped a green construction paper shamrock to a piece of paper.  The kids used the colors of the rainbow to trace around the shamrock, making a rainbow pattern.

Our sample.

I love the originality!
Craft: Pot of Gold Fingerprint Rainbow
We located an image of a cauldron using Google Images, inserted it into a Microsoft Word document and printed it off on card stock.  The kids then used their fingers, dipped in tempera paint, to create the rainbow originating from the pot.
Using her finger as a brush.

Some got creative and added fingerprint shamrocks!

Game: Musical Shamrocks
We placed laminated shamrocks in a circle on the floor.  One of us sat in the middle to remove one of the shamrocks.  The other turned the music on and off.  The kids really liked playing this, although many of them walked ON the shamrocks instead of around them.

Attendance: 23, 12
Evaluation: This program was a request from the previous year.  We had a hard time finding age appropriate activities (many ideas are geared more towards preschoolers than the school age crowd).  However, it worked out really well and the kids liked all the art activities.  We also had a few books of Irish folktales for them to peruse if they finished early.
Drying Artwork

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