Monday, August 3, 2015

Create with K'Nex

First half of program: Free build time
Since this was the first time we'd ever used K'Nex at the library we decided to give the kids some time to just play around with them and build whatever they wanted.  We had a mix of regular K'Nex and Kid K'Nex (which are bigger and geared toward younger ages.  The 1st graders really liked these.).

Chrysalis, caterpillar, butterfly

A sword

For the second half, they could do any of the following challenges.
  1. Build something that moves (vehicle, skateboard, airplane)

  1. Build a bridge that will hold two chapter books

Team work!
  1. Build a structure that is 2 feet tall.
Definitely OVER two feet tall!

Attendance: 19, 10
Evaluation: Each year we do at least one Lego program and we wanted to mix it up a little this year, especially as we were able to purchase some K'Nex sets to be used for STEM programs!  The kids loved the change.  This is an easy to set up program.  I liked having the challenges as it gave the kids a focus (not that they really needed it, but it added a playful element).  The bridge building was awesome and it was good to see them test and redo their bridges over and over until they got it right!  When I was researching for this program I came across a video of a young man who spent a year or so building a bridge that spanned his swimming pool and would hold his weight.  For the next program, I will have to locate it and show it as the kids were fascinated by the concept.

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