Monday, August 3, 2015

Science with My Peeps

This program was AWESOME!  Since we knew we couldn't demonstrate many of the cool Peep experiments, we did the next best thing and showed the kids YouTube videos of the experiments!
Video: Peep Experiments
This video is from a news channel and shows Peeps inside a vacuum chamber.

Video: Microwaving Peeps
Short video showing Peeps inside a microwave. 

Experiment: Dissolving Peeps
We placed 1/2 a Peep in nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, vinegar and water with dish detergent.  We kept checking back throughout the program to see which Peep dissolved the most. The winner was the water with dish detergent.  We figured dish detergent has enzymes in it to break down food off plates.  It was amazing to see how little the Peeps were affected by the different liquids.  Gross, really.

Game: Peep Toss
The kids had to toss Peeps into a container using a spoon.

Game: Angry Peeps
The kids had to knock down Peeps off egg cartons using large marshmallows.  

Craft: Dress Your Peep
We gave the kids lots of ribbons, fabric scraps, felt, and sequins and the got to create and dress a Peep bunny.

Craft: Peep Printing
The kids used stale Peeps as stamps.

Game: Protect Your Peep
At the end of the program, the kids all got to work together to create a castle/structure out of cardboard and tape in which they'd place their Peep.  The Peep could not be taped down itself.  Then, others would try to knock their Peep down using large marshmallows and spoons.  This was a HUGE hit and could have been the entire program.

Attendance: 28, 10
Evaluation: Another fun program.  It was surprisingly difficult to locate age appropriate Peep activities and crafts.  The games were so-so.  The plastic eggs didn't work real well on the Styrofoam egg cartons and the Peeps had trouble balancing so it was pretty easy to knock them off!  The Peep printing garnered some GREAT results as did the Peep dressing.  I liked the creativity that went into both projects.  Thank goodness for our teen volunteers!  They helped a lot with the Peep dressing, especially using the hot glue guns to help make the stuff stick.

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