Saturday, April 12, 2014

Be Mine, Valentine 2013

  • Minute to Win It Candy Game
a.  Using chopsticks fill a bowl with 10 small conversation hearts
b.  Unwrap a Hershey kiss one-handed
c.  Empty pixie stix in circle
d.  Bite ends off Twizzler and blow through it to clear circle of pixie stix dust                          i.      We edited the one from this site to leave off the math.  
Instead we used the chopstick game from this site:

  • Cupids Arrow
a.       Stand behind the tape line
b.      Put q-tip in one end of straw
c.       Blow q-tip into bowl
d.      Can you get all 5 in the bowl?

a.       Build a tower using large conversation hearts
b.      Can your tower stand for 1 minute?  2 minutes?

Craft: Valentines galore--have a variety of supplies out for kids to make valentines 

heart thumbprint bookmark

valentines day cards
                The kids loved making the valentines and asked the next week if we were going to make them again.  The games were a hit.  I definitely see this being a program to do again and again.

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