Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wimpy Kid Party

We started this program by asking the participants to tell us what they knew about the Wimpy Kid series.  Since our programs encompass grades 1-5, we thought some of the younger kids might not know a lot about it.  As kids told us items about the books, we wrote them down on a large easel board for all to see.  Then we began our various activities, most of which pull heavily from the various Event Guides for the books.

We also used program notes from the blog Tiny Tips for Library Fun.

Activity: Shame Game
Everyone starts by standing up.  We read aloud a set of statements.  After each statement, the kids sit down if the statement is not true for them.  The last one standing is the winner.  We modified this and had the kids stand up again for each new statement.  they more fun watching others and commenting on the statements than there being one true winner.

Activity: Cheese Touch Game
We played this like hot potato.  We played music as a cheese slice (fake) was passed around a large circle.  When the music stopped, whoever was holding the cheese was out and now had the cheese touch.  Play continued until only one non-cheese touched person was left.

Activity: Personality Game
We passed out three slips of paper to each kid.  Each slip had a statement and a symbol on it.  They had two minutes to go around the room and switch slips with others until they had three slips that most represented their personality.  When time was up, we read aloud what character each symbol represented.

Game: Manny Cereal Toss
Flying cereal boxes!
Kids could throw mini-cereal boxes into a toilet seat set upon a crate.  The closest we could come to a reason for this activity is that Manny likes to eat his cereal on his potty chair in front of the TV.  When he is done, he pours the remaining cereal into his potty chair.  This idea came from Tiny Tips for Library Fun blog.

Craft: Wimpy Kid Masks
We downloaded masks from and made copies of them on card stock.  The kids could choose one mask to cut out.  There were craft sticks they could tape to the mask so they could hold it up to their face.
 Craft: Wimpy Kid Journals
Working on journals
Each kid got a blank 20 page journal we purchased from Office Depot.  On the cover we pasted a sticker of Greg with this saying...Diary of a ___________ Kid.  The kids got to choose what kind of kid they were and write it in.  Examples include: silly, cool, awesome, artistic.

Game: Mixed Up Wimpy Kid

Other Activities:
Cabin Fever word search
Make Your Own Comics
Draw Your Own Cover

This was a different kind of program for us in that it relied heavily on games instead of crafts.  However, it was very popular and the kids had a great time.

Attendance: 21, 16

Can never get enough of these books!

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