Monday, April 7, 2014

Oceans of Fun

Monday Madness: Oceans of Fun

Craft: Ocean Animal Scratch Art
From Oriental Trading

Craft: 3D Ocean
  1. Fold paper in half.  Draw squiggly lines.
  2. Cut along squiggly lines.
  3. Attach foam/felt sea animal stickers or draw your own on paper and cut them out.
Craft: Jellyfish Painting (

Use watered down tempera.
  1. Start by painting a half circle on the piece of paper using one color.  Make sure it’s pretty drippy.
  2. Put paintbrush in water and add more water to the bottom half of the half circle.
  3. Pick up paper and tap on table until paint starts to run down, creating tentacles.
  4. Repeat 1-3 with another color as many times as wanted.

  1. Tie off toe.
  2. Stuff sock with enough polyfil to make a nice ball.
  3. Tie a knot under the ball.
  4. Cut strips into toe of sock for hair and into leg of sock for tentacles.
  5. Glue felt ovals on for eyes.  Use sharpie for pupil or cut small ovals out of felt)
Attendance: 38, 10
This was a super fun program.  Unfortunately we did not have enough activities to fill the whole hour and some of the boys got rather rambunctious!  The Socktopus took a lot of staff and volunteer time during the program.  We used sharp sewing scissors and only let our teen volunteers or a staff member use them (to prevent bloodshed!)  At our second program, we pulled out an iPad and showed a couple ocean related videos from Tumblebooks.  The kids were fascinated by the one about the octopus and how it could fit in such small spaces.  Definitely a fun program to do, but needs a little tweaking to keep the kids busy the full hour.

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