Monday, April 7, 2014

Camp Half-Blood

Group Activity: Trivia with Athena
1. Who is Percy’s father?                                                                                  Poseidon
2. What does Grover frequently eat?                                                                 Diet Coke cans
3. Where do Percy and his mother go for vacation?                                           The beach/Montauk
4. What learning disorders did Percy suffer from?                                              ADHD and dyslexia
5. Who is the Greek god of war?                                                                      Ares
6. Who is Annabeth’s mother?                                                                          Athena
7. Before going to Camp Half-Blood, what school did Percy attend?                 Yancy Academy
8. How old is Percy in The Lightning Thief?                                                    12
9. What is Mr. D's real name?                                                                           Dionysus
10. What cabin was Percy first placed in?                                                         1, Hermes cabin
11. How many Olympian gods are there?                                                          12
12. What was Auntie Em's real identity?                                                            Medusa
13. What animal/creature is Grover?                                                                  A goat/satyr
14. What is the name of Percy’s sword?                                                            Riptide

Craft: Sword and Hoplite Shield Making with Ares the God of War
Making a sword out of a paper towel tube, tin foil and duct tape.

Shield decorating

 Craft: Hero Banners--Write Your Name Using Greek Letters
Sandy written in Ancient Greek.

 Ancient Olympic Games:
Bow Training with Apollo—use Nerf bow & arrow and crossbow with Greek monsters as targets

Almost got Medusa!

Javelin Training with Artemis—throw balloons or long straws to see who throws farthest
The balloons just floated, and the straws didn't go far either.
Lightning Bolt Training with Zeus—throw 3 clothespins through a hoop

Craft: Bracelet making—create a bracelet denoting completion of camp activities.

Attendance: 22, 25
This was a fantastic program!  The kids were in high energy mode, but the archery and some sword fighting game them outlets for that energy.  Ahead of time we painted 10 inch cake circles black and put out gold paint for them to use to add details to their shield.  We found a few Ancient Greek images (Poseidon's trident, an owl for Athena, etc.) on Google Images for them to use on their shields if they needed inspiration.  The swords required some help to get the hilts added.  We had the kids cover the paper towel tube with tin foil and then scrunch up another piece of tin foil to be the hilt, which we then duct taped on.  The archery game was the only one that worked well.  We had a picture of Medusa, a minotaur, and cerberus taped to the walls as their targets.  We laid the ground rules ahead of time (no firing at people or the ceiling; three arrows and then it is the next person's turn) and for the most part the kids followed them really well.  The hero banners turned out great, although some English letters have no ancient Greek counterpart, so the kids just used the English letter and made it look Greek!  Not everyone wanted to make a bracelet, but having the option gave us something for the kids who finished early that didn't want to do archery.

Even the girls got into the sword fighting!

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