Monday, April 7, 2014


Snack: Boogers on a Stick
     Small pretzels dipped in green frosting

Game: The Gas We Pass Relay
     Two chairs are set up at one end of the room.  On each chair is a Whoopie cushion.  Kids form two lines.  One kid from each line races down to the chairs. The goal is to see which child can make the loudest sound from the Whoopie cushion.  Those kids not wishing to participate line up along the wall and are the judges.

Science Experiment: Digestion
     Give each participant a baggie with one saltine inside.  The participants then crush their cracker, to mimic chewing in the mouth.  After their cracker is crumbs, a small amount (enough to wet crackers with some left over) of clear soda (Sprite, 7-Up, etc.) is added to the bag.  The participants then knead their bag some more until they are left with "slurry," or the liquid substance their food becomes before it enters the small intestine.

Science Experiment: Slime
     In a small paper cup, kids mix together with a craft stick 1 tablespoon of white glue and 1/2 tablespoon liquid starch.  (You can add food coloring to the mix as well.)

Game: Dirty Diapers
     Take five clean disposable diapers and place one kind of baby food in each one.  Take another five clean disposable diapers and melt one candy bar in each one (30-40 secs each in a microwave).  The kids then have to figure out what is in each diaper.

Game: Touch Boxes
     Using their sense of touch, kids try to guess what is in each container (without looking).

  1. Worms (overcooked spaghetti noodles)
  2. Fingers (Vienna sausages)
  3. Blood and Guts (whole peeled tomatoes)
  4. Maggots (overcooked rice with oil)
Worksheets: All from Everything Kids' Gross Cookbook by Colleen Sell
  • Nasty Nibbles
  • Race to the Latrine maze
  • Bug-Eating Veggie Ogress
  • Find and Sing Word Search
Background Music: Gross Songs Kids Love to Sing

Attendance: 23/10

This was a popular program, especially with the boys.  However, there were not enough activities to last the full hour.  The addition of a craft would have made the difference.  The most popular activity by far was the Gas We Pass Game.  I recommend purchasing additional Whoopie cushions as ours barely lasted through one program.  Thank goodness for Duct Tape!  The slime was also popular and easy to make.  The kids, especially the evening crew, were really grossed out with the diapers and touch boxes even after they knew what the items were.  Definitely a program to consider repeating in the future, but maybe as a 45 minute summer program.

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