Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fairy Tale Frenzy

Music (while they come in): Dana’s Best Rock and Roll Fairy Tales by Dana Cohenour (JCD ZM COHE DBR R 05)

Book: True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka
Snack (while listening to story)

Activity: Would You Kiss a Frog? Graph with lip prints.
Would you Kiss a Frog?

Activity: Blow Your House Down.
Three Little Pigs activity - literature connection. Build "houses" out of different materials and see if "The Big Bad Wolf" hair dryer can blow them down. Early engineering education.
·         Have kids divide into teams of 3-4 and sit down at a table in Storytime Room B
o   Toothpicks & marshmallows
o   Sugar cubes
o   Pipe cleaners
o   Cardstock squares (cut slits so they hold together)
Make a building set out of cardboard shapes
o   Craft sticks
o   Lego bricks
o   Graham crackers
o   Qtips and straws
·         Each team creates a house out of the given materials.
·         Each team presents their house.  Kids predict whether or not it will stay together.  We write down predictions.
·         “Wolf” (hair dryer) tries to blow down house.
o   Were predictions correct?  If the house fell apart, can you think of any changes that could be made to it to have it stay together?  (If time, try out some of the ideas)

Activity: Giant Measuring
Giant's Feet for Jack and the Beanstalk
·         Have kids measure each other and graph the results.

Craft: Wanted Posters
Good for a Fairy Tale unit...
·         Kids create a wanted poster for some fairy tale villain
o   Big Bad Wolf (3 Pigs, Red Riding Hood)
o   Evil stepmother/queen (Cinderella, Snow White)
o   Evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty
o   Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk
o   Rumpelstiltskin
o   Troll (3 Billy Goats Gruff)
o   Witch (Hansel and Gretel)


Wonderful program. All activities were a huge hit with the kids. We found that the cardboard squares were not suitable for building a house, though. Not sturdy enough to stand up at all when hooked together.

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